Chairman Message



Every journey has a story which entails trials and tribulations, bumpy rides, moments of hope and phases of hopelessness. But if your act is right intentioned and filled with kindness and sublimity, the journey provides you immense satisfaction and a sigh of relief.

This institution which grew up over the years since its inception way back in the year……….. is akin to a long journey which I undertook with a sole purpose to contribute my bit towards the making of this great nation. Today when I look back and ponder on the journey traversed so far, I feel satisfied to some extent and gears up for another phase without getting complacent. 

To run an educational institution in today’s world is enormously challenging as society is in the swift process of evolution. The impact of technology is all palpable in all spheres of life. At the same time we can’t be oblivious of the aspect of ever changing socio – psychological equations too. 

Today’s child is far different from the child of yesteryears as the modern child is beset with more complex issues pertaining to modern day upbringing pattern. A school needs to nurture a child so as to equip him to embattle the oddities of the modern day existence. In this regard the role of teachers and entire system of the school becomes of prime importance. To provide and manage the various elements of the teaching learning situations such as the learners, the teachers, the curriculum and socio – physical environment are some of the facets to be taken care of in order to ascertain the fruitful outcomes. 

It has been rightly said that the education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. By maintaining the spirit of the above mentioned we need to emphasize more on holistic aspect of education rather than simply churning out literates. Skill development, personality development, social behaviour pattern, social assimilation skills, emotional management skills are some of the various dimensions on which this institution is landscaping the future role of this growing institution.

I extend my special gratitude to the Principal and all staff members, as they are busy dealing with all the academic and administrative duties. 

“Let’s Strive Together For A Better Future Ahead”