• The guardians must intimate the school about a change of their address at the earliest in order to communicate with them in urgent matters in respect of their children.
  • Guardians are not allowed to meet teachers during school hours without the permission of the Principal, alternatively, they can seek prior appointment from the teacher concerned through the school diary.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that their ward reaches school at least 5 minutes before the school commences.
  • Attending the morning school assembly is compulsory for all students as it inculcates a sense of companionship and discipline among the students.
  • Parents are not allowed, under any circumstances to enter the main school building without permission.
  • It is mandatory for all the parents to attend PTMs (Parent-Teacher Meetings) which are conducted in the school.
  • Guardians of girls are advised, not to allow their wards to wear any jewellery. Besides their nails should be properly trimmed and girls with long hair are supposed to come in two plaits.
  • Strict action will be taken if a student is found guilty of damaging school property.
  • To ensure the safety of the bicycle, students are advised to lock their bicycles and keep them at their allotted places. No child is allowed to come to school by scooter or motorbike.
  • It is imperative for the students to actively participate in different co-curricular & extra-curricular activities organized by the school.
  • Parent’s cooperation is required, to ensure the overall development of their child.