Director Message



The mission of LPS is to achieve Excellence in Academic, Social and Cultural development. Our children should be educated in such a manner that they have a clear idea of their duty to build a new India. Keeping the above facts in mind we try to maintain the discipline and Quality in the field of Education. Quality in school education is really important but somewhat difficult in the present scenario. Transmission of culture and values is the integral part of education and only that education is meaningful which helps in the social, moral, aesthetic and spiritual development of the child’s personality. Development of value starts at home, it is nurtured by the society and strengthened by the school where teachers set standards to be followed and practiced by the student.

There are a few points that one must inculcate in order to lead a prosperous and successful life-

1- Success can be ensured if children, parents,  and teachers work together towards one Goal with positive mindset, dedicated interest and combined efforts.

2- The ancient concept of or at and fun is still relevant. The word “oral refers to the mind, “a” refers to the speech, and “for” refers to the actions. It is the synchronization of one’s thoughts, words, and actions which makes great things happen. It should not be the case when in our thoughts we want to achieve something but our actions and efforts are not sufficient to meet the mark. It is not one daily task for us to follow, we, must ingrain this concept in our daily routine.

 3- Learning happens slowly and consistently. Consistency means regularity and steadiness in one’s thoughts and actions. Goals cannot be achieved through shortcut methods but only with diligence and commitment toward the work. The above qualities should be brought into the habits of children from childhood. Parents must encourage regular attendance, Children cannot learn if they remain absent in school as their presence in classroom is directly linked to their academic performance. Parent’s focus on personalized learning environment is essential as it may give a better and deeper understanding of the child’s learning path and better opportunity for collaboration with teachers. 

Always remember:

विद्वत्वं व नृपत्वं जैव तुल्यं कदाचन । स्वदेशे पूज्यते राजा, विद्वान सर्वत्र पूज्यते ।।

अर्थात एक विद्वान एवं एक राजा की समानता कभी नहीं हो सकती क्योंकि राजा तो सिर्फ अपने देश में पूज्य होता है किन्तु विद्वान सर्वत्र पूज्य होता है।